Our vision is simple; to be Earth-positive. We want to give back to the Planet more than we take from it. 

We are more than another ‘sustainable brand’, we are a movement. We want Climate Change at the forefront of everyone’s conversations, we want sustainability to be the only choice and we want our Planet to be stronger, healthier and better - and we want to do all this together.

We want to educate, influence and give-back.

The fashion industry is flawed in more ways than we can count. For so many years, we’ve put the demands of low prices and excessive consumerism before all else and at the cost of our Planet. 

So we’ve put sustainable thinking at the center of everything - that means we only choose fabrics that care for our environment and we only ever partner with factories that are fair, and care about their impact too. 

When we say sustainability is our core mission we don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have - we mean that it’s the only way we act.


When we say clean clothing, we don’t just mean free from dirt. We mean free from chemicals, free from forced-labour, free from waste, free from unnecessary environmental damage, and free from guilt.

Clean clothing to us means transparency.  At Arctic Peak, we’re proud of everybody we work with and everything we do.

We work with the very best factories around the world. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the owners. Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment. We care for the people as much as the planet. We may not be able to compete with fast fashion prices, but we’d never compromise our beliefs and values to do so.

All Arctic Peak products are free from chemicals, we use environmentally friendly dyes to colour all our garments and try to reuse the water used as much as possible. We minimise and recycle waste wherever possible.

We’re more than another ‘sustainable’ brand, we’re passionate about a better future.

We want to offer sustainability, at a fair price, to the masses. Together, we can all collectively make a difference.


We’re passionate about sourcing natural, sustainable yarns that use less water, fewer pesticides, and create less CO2.

At Arctic Peak, we are all about innovation. We constantly research and test out new sustainable materials to ensure we are always creating our clothing out of the finest and most suitable fabrics.

Currently, our most recent clothing capsule is produced of mainly 3 materials; Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester.

Organic Cotton is far superior to conventional cotton. The production of a single T-shirt uses 665.7 litres less of water, saves 1.3kg CO₂ emissions entering the atmosphere and avoids 2m² of land from pesticides.

With statistics this high, Organic Cotton is a no brainer.

However, we are well aware of the incredible amounts of textiles waste around the world. Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year. The need for recycled materials are greater than ever, and the benefits outweighs any cons.

Recycled Cotton is essentially even more environmentally friendly than organic cotton and performs just as well. It limits textile waste caused by regular cotton production, which as we are aware of requires a lot of water, energy, labor, pesticides, and insecticides. Around 765,000 litres of water can be saved per a tonne of recycled cotton.

Recycled Polyester could not differ more from virgin polyester! Unlike virgin Polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as a raw material. A material that comes from plastic water bottles, and therefore by recycling it you prevent these plastic water bottles going into landfills, or worse - the sea.

On average, a t shirt made from recycled polyester has repurposed at least 7 plastic bottles.

The process of converting plastic bottles, PET, into recycled polyester takes up to 53% less energy than the production of conventional polyester.

Recycled polyester, for us, is a core sustainable material which is so versatile yet also doesn’t take much from the environment.

As each capsule is produced, we aim to study, test and produce sustainable materials that give back to the environment more than they takes. We’re all about being Planet-Positive.

We don’t want to tip-toe around the topic, Climate Change is a detrimental issue that, arguably, humans aren’t taking seriously enough. 

The Climate Clock represents the deadline by which we must achieve zero emissions for a safe climate future. It is undoubtedly the most important countdown in the world, and at Arctic Peak, we take it very seriously. 

To put it simply; Greenhouse gases naturally occur and are essential for making Earth liveable, keeping the sun’s warmth from reflecting into space (the greenhouse effect). However, due to human activity in the last number of years, greenhouse gas emissions have reached record highs, creating an imbalance and threatening life on Earth.

A massive factor in the production of these enormous amounts of greenhouse gases - the Fashion Industry. Particularly fast fashion companies. Fast fashion is a massive sector of retail, and with cheap prices it attracts the masses but at the cost of who? The materials used, the vast volume of production and the unethical working conditions all have a disastrous effect on the Planet and the people.

Here at Arctic Peak, we will never encourage over-consumption. We create timeless items that can be worn repeatedly and with lifetime repairs, will last for years to come. We only use sustainable materials that are much better for the planet and we only partner with ethical factories.  We plant a tree for every item purchased, to reduce our co2 footprint and race against the climate clock. 

Whilst we can’t offer fast fashion prices, nor would we want to, our goal is to make sustainability affordable and accessible to all. 


Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes are breaking up earlier than expected, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner.
Effects of Climate Change previously predicted by scientists are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities - if we continue the way we do. 

Nowhere is climate change more obvious than in the Arctic. The Arctic helps to regulate the world’s temperature, so as more Arctic ice melts, the warmer our world becomes.

Global warming is causing Arctic ice to melt - ice reflects sunlight, while water absorbs it. When the Arctic ice melts, the oceans around it absorb more sunlight and heat up, making the world warmer as a result. As more ice melts, sea levels rise. Over the past century, the global average sea level has risen four to eight inches. Some experts even estimate that the oceans will rise as much as 23 feet by 2100, which would flood major coastal cities and submerge some small island countries, causing untold devastation. Similarly because of climate change, ice cover is changing rapidly, in both extent and thickness, and shrinking far too quickly for these species to adapt. Shrinking sea ice is a major problem for animals in the Arctic.

Here at Arctic Peak, we’re passionate about raising awareness about Climate Change and doing as much as we can. We believe the more we raise awareness, the more people can understand and do more. Collectively, we can all make a difference. We also pledge 1% of our profits to non-profit organisations dedicated to change.


We’re dedicated to doing the most, and sustainable materials, ethical working conditions and planting trees isn’t enough. At Arctic Peak, we pledge 1% of our profits to charity. We call this Earth-Tax and its a tax we are happy about!

We choose the planet over profit!

1% of profits will be alocated and distributed to non-profit
organizations that empowers action against Climate Change
and preserving the Arctic.

We carefully select organizations and charities that tirelessly work around the clock to make this Planet stronger.


Sustainability isn’t just about the materials used, it is also about combatting consumer over-consumption. 

At Arctic Peak, we design products to last. From T-shirts to winter coats, we ensure everything is made and manufactured to be worn countless times over countless years. 

All Arctic Peak clothing comes with a 2 year warranty (from the date of purchase), protecting all items against manufacture defects.

Outside of the 2 year warranty, we offer free lifetime repairs. This includes the repairs of all seams, buttons and zippers. We are committed to ensuring our clothing can be a wardrobe staple, truly sustainable and eco-friendly. 

For both warranty claims and repair requests, please contact repairs@thearcticpeak.com

 To be noted;

  • Warranty and lifetime repairs only applied to items purchased directly from Arctic Peak official suppliers. 
  • All repairs are subject to fabric availability. We will do our best to ensure all materials match however we can not guarantee slight differences from the original purchase. 
  • Warranty does not cover: Damage caused by improper use/neglect. Rips, tears, cuts, stains or holes. Damage caused by incorrect washing methods. Normal wear and tear.